Fun Facts

Fact: John and I have been doing the Keto diet for a few months now.

Fact: We have 3 boys.  Damian (28), Tucker (19) and Tanner (17).  We are almost empty nesters!

Fact:  We love the movies.  We have gone to 2 movies in 1 week before!

Fact: We have over 1000 movies in our basement.  Many are VHS!

Fact:  John is currently working 3 jobs.

Fact: We have 2 dogs.  Chloe and Zeena.  Zeena is our 8 lb. Pitbull.  (Funny story there)

Fact: John is a ketchup fanatic!  Guess what?  You can’t have ketchup on keto.

Fact: Mandi has an obsession with water bottles.

Fact:  John is a veteran of the US Army.



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