Who makes you laugh?  Who do YOU hang out with on Friday night?  For John and I, it is each other.  We never tire of being together.  Some days are a blast, some days are just ordinary days.  But even when we are working side by side in the yard or house, we find some way to connect.  This is key in all relationships, connection.  Whether it’s a glance across the room, a touch when you pass in the hall or a full-on embrace and smooch, connecting keeps the passion alive.

 Your best friend is also the person you tell all your secrets to, and what better person than your spouse.  So when your connection is strong, it’s easy to share your secrets, dreams and fears.  Think about your relationship.  Are you connected?  In what ways do you make sure you keep that connection during ordinary days?  John and I will share our pointers on how we keep our connection in order to help you keep yours.mj5


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