Who makes you laugh?  Who do YOU hang out with on Friday night?  For John and I, it is each other.  We never tire of being together.  Some days are a blast, some days are just ordinary days.  But even when we are working side by side in the yard or house, we find some way to connect.  This is key in all relationships, connection.  Whether it’s a glance across the room, a touch when you pass in the hall or a full-on embrace and smooch, connecting keeps the passion alive. Continue reading “Connection”


Fun Facts

Fact: John and I have been doing the Keto diet for a few months now.

Fact: We have 3 boys.  Damian (28), Tucker (19) and Tanner (17).  We are almost empty nesters!

Fact:  We love the movies.  We have gone to 2 movies in 1 week before!

Fact: We have over 1000 movies in our basement.  Many are VHS!

Fact:  John is currently working 3 jobs.

Fact: We have 2 dogs.  Chloe and Zeena.  Zeena is our 8 lb. Pitbull.  (Funny story there)

Fact: John is a ketchup fanatic!  Guess what?  You can’t have ketchup on keto.

Fact: Mandi has an obsession with water bottles.

Fact:  John is a veteran of the US Army.


Us as Individuals


Hi there, Mandi here.  I’m enjoying a little sip and paint one night out with the girls.  To be honest, I don’t paint.  But I sip real well. Whenever John and I go out he is always the designated driver.  Therefore, you will see me drinking wine and him drinking coffee.  It’s what we do.

I don’t really remember life without John.  I was a lost soul, and he saved me.  Being with John made me be the best me I could be.  I gained confidence, pride and value when I was with him.  He made me laugh, I could cry with him and he was honest when I needed him to be.  I had been married two times before and honestly thought what I was looking for could never be found.  But really, what I was looking for was a partner that was willing to put in to the marriage what I was, 110%.  I am so grateful for John.  He is without a doubt my sip of love.