Us as Individuals


Hi there, Mandi here.  I’m enjoying a little sip and paint one night out with the girls.  To be honest, I don’t paint.  But I sip real well. Whenever John and I go out he is always the designated driver.  Therefore, you will see me drinking wine and him drinking coffee.  It’s what we do.

I don’t really remember life without John.  I was a lost soul, and he saved me.  Being with John made me be the best me I could be.  I gained confidence, pride and value when I was with him.  He made me laugh, I could cry with him and he was honest when I needed him to be.  I had been married two times before and honestly thought what I was looking for could never be found.  But really, what I was looking for was a partner that was willing to put in to the marriage what I was, 110%.  I am so grateful for John.  He is without a doubt my sip of love.


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